5 must try drinks in Cardiff this September

We can all get stuck in our ways with our choices of drinks, why go for something different when you know you’ll enjoy a classic G&T no matter where you are. However, we have decided to mix things up a little and have devised a shortlist of 5 new drinks that we believe you should try this September, all of which are in Cardiff- right on our doorstep!


Source: Cairn Group

Rhubarb and Custard

Where: The Flora, Cathays

What: Absolut vodka, Adovocaat, rhubarb syrup, fresh lemon and vanilla syrup.

Why: A drink to take you back to your childhood. The combination of the adovocaat and rhurbarb syrup means The Flora has nailed the flavours of this popular sweet. Whilst this is a sweet drink, the vodka and lemon add the perfect tang so not to make it too sickly. Seriously good retro cocktail.


Source: The Dead Canary

The Italian Dragon

Where: The Dead Carnary, Cardiff

What: Campari Cask Tales, Coconut infused Beefeater gin, Byrrh, lemon and egg white.

Why: A real cocktail to celebrate Joe Calzaghe. Combining bitters with lighter, coconutty flavours and egg white makes this cocktail deliciously unique. It is a whirlwind combination of flavours which is only fitting for The Italian Dragon.

source: Tiny Rebel

Stay Puft

Where: Tiny Rebel, Cardiff

What: Marshmallow porter, 5.2%.

Why: The perfect sweet treat for an autumnal evening. This porter has all the roasty qualities of a classic dark ale, but the marshmallow flavours give a real sweetness. Whilst it is sweet, the malts and hops make sure to keep the earthy notes of a dark ale. This drink is out to get your tastebuds.


Source: Brains Craft Brewery

Stars and Stripes

Where: The Cambrian Tap, Cardiff

What: An American wheat beer, 5.0%.

Why: Refreshingly and deliciously drinkable. Having been brewed with Californian Ale yeast and wheat malt, this beer is a hazy golden colour and has a crisp bitterness. Brains Craft Brewery describes Stars and Stripes to have ‘aromas of grapefruit and tropical fruit combined with citrus flavours.’ Light, crisp and bitter.


Source: Lab 22

Teaches of Peaches

Where: Lab 22, Cardiff

What: Portobello Road Gin, Aperol, Cocchi Americano, White Peach Blossom Cordial, Orange Bitters, Soda.

Why: Think Aperol Spritz meets Liptons Iced Tea meets Sex on the beach. Lab 22 never do disappoint with their cocktail mixology and flavours, and Teaches of Peaches is no different. The flavours of this cocktail are elegant and delicate whilst delightfully peachy.


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Author: Georgie Dransfield