2018 drink trend predictions

Pop Up Bar Hire have done their research and predict 5 key drink trends set to be poured in most cities in 2018. Read on to find out what they are.


Protein-based beverages

 One popular, affordable protein source is whey protein, which is usually in powder form and can be mixed with any liquid drink (water/milk) to make a protein shake. So if you enjoy having a protein shake for breakfast with a banana, or frozen berries blended in, then may we suggest a protein cocktail? Protein will continue to grow in 2018, being ever more popular for athletes but will also appear in cocktails. A scoop of chocolate whey in your espresso martini? This is one we will be experimenting with in 2018.


Year of the keg cocktail

We’re seeing a few keg cocktails being chatted about on social media. They’re not new, but they are being worked on. By using premium ingredients, they will take longer to produce and require more work, however, they will taste better, be worth more and make the end cocktail a work of art.


Cocktail history

Vintage cocktails will get new lease of life in 2018 with antique spirits making a comeback. They’re a little more pricey, but for a cocktail with 1960s Campari within, we can’t really complain, can we? Plus, vintage cocktails are exciting to receive in all their glory.


Frosé please hosay

Frosé became one of the drinks of the summer and is planning on keeping that title in 2018. Letting your inner-child out and having an alcoholic slushy being on trend is probably one of the best things to come of the summer of 2017, long let it remain. Wine slushy? Keem em’ coming poolside waiter!


Sweet alcohol

Some of us prefer a sweet alcoholic drink, while others choose to have it now and again. Nevertheless, the market for sweet alcohol is growing year after year and 2018 will be no different. Dessert-inspired spirits will provide a hit of sweetness to anyone on the hunt for a tasty drink with a sugar rush, reminiscent of confectionery and patisseries. Keep your eyes peeled for red velvet, cheesecake and clotted-cream flavoured gins and vodka.


We’re planning on experimenting with a few of these trends going into 2018 and if they work out we will be providing them at events we are involved with! If you’re looking for a bar at your event, get in touch via our website now.