What to do if it rains on your big day

What do you do if it rains on your big day? It’s the thought we all have when it comes to planning any event, especially if it’s outside. Especially if it’s a wedding.

Unfortunately, for couples in the UK, it’s hard to tell what the weather is going to do, not matter what time of year it is. Damn our unpredictable British weather, ey? While we can’t control the weather, we can definitely share some advice and do a little sun dance on the morning of your event…

  1. Shelter those guests

Hire a red carpet (or whatever colour matches your theme) and a marquee walkway to shelter you and your guests from the cars into the venue. They look snazzy and will keep everyone dry and happy.

  1. Provide a basket of umbrellas

Buy a white tin bin and fill it with pretty umbrellas for your guests to use. You could write on a chalkboard, “For rain or shine”. They also add to gorgeous wedding photos, if it’s raining or sunny.

  1. Have stands and buckets

If it is raining, your guests will have wet coats and drippy umbrellas. Make sure they’re not draping them over your beautifully decorated chairs and pop some coat stands near the entrance and buckets for umbrellas.

  1. Bring in the blankets

Buy a few blankets, roll them up, tie some string around them and pile them up in a wicker basket. They look beautiful and will keep your guests warm and cosy if it’s cold and raining outside.

  1. Light me up

Hire a large open fireplace for an out of season wedding and keep everyone warm. We could even bring in some warm, mulled cider to keep everyone’s insides warm. Yummy!

If you need some help sourcing and hiring for your wedding, even if it’s just a bucket of pretty umbrellas, contact us today.