5 staff secrets to queue jumping at a bar

Is there anything worse than standing in a queue when you’re parched? Well, yes, but at that moment in time, no. Lots of things go through our heads, including elbowing every person in your way to the bar. We’ve spoken to the experts (that’s our bar staff!) who have revealed the best ways to get served first. So grab yourself a drink and take in these queueing revelations.

1. Choose your spot wisely

There are a few do’s and dont’s of picking your location when it comes to bar queueing. Don’t stand directly behind a pole/ break in the bar or on the corner of the bar, you will get stuck and have to push your way into the queue, making everyone around you think you’re jumping the queue, not cool.

Pick a spot that’s close to bar taps, ice buckets or a till, as the staff are constantly returning and they should notice you, acknowledge you and remember you.

2. Maneuver your body

Now that you’re in the perfect spot in the queue, you’ll still need to get to the bar. When you’re one or two people away and you see someone starting to pull away from the bar, shove your arm in subtly and swing your body to the side to let them out, then take their position. Sounds like we’re directing a car, but trust us- it works!

When you’re there, keep facing forward and stand tall and straight. You don’t want to be rude, but you have rightfully queued for that drink, so you’re getting it.

3. Attention

You’re so close, the tips have worked so far and now it’s time to get the staff’s attention. We don’t mean clicking fingers, shouting, waving money in their faces or getting up on the bar (although that will catch their attention and get you thrown out!).

Be patient, make eye contact, smile, and be respectful.

4. Pick a personality

There are two ways you can go about getting a drink when you’re at the front. You’ve got to be quick, as soon as a member of staff is free, blurt out your drink order. If you get a look from the person next to you who has been waiting for ages, then they need to toughen up.

Or, you could pass the staff onto that poor soul and hopefully it’ll come round to you. We know which one we’d rather do…

5. Buddy up

All these steps are much more effective when there’s more than one of you. So grab your mates who are saving the table and get them involved.

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Chin chin chaps!