How to survive the clean up after your event

We’ve all been there: 16, had a house party where too many people have turned up, and had a boogie and enjoyed the night, only to wake up the next morning with a banging head and a crazy amount of cans, rubbish and mud trodden in the carpet. Well it’s still the same when you’re 26, 36, and on and on. When you host your own event, you want the cleanup to be as smooth as possible, so here are the key steps to keep it as simple as possible.

Step 1 – Preparation

This is key, if you are organising your own wedding, birthday party or a work event, you will need to think about the cleanup long before the dos date. Write a list of everything that will need throwing away, tidying up or sending back because you will need to sort out how/ who/ where/ when it’s going.

Step 2 – Hire a team to do it for you

Ask your friends, family, colleagues (if you trust them enough!) and nearest and dearest whether they will lend a hand in the run up and run down of your event. You’d be surprised the amount of people close to you who are willing to help.

Step 3 – Organise wheelie bins

They may not be the best looking feature of your event, but there is no doubt they are an essential. Do this in advance to find the best possible price. Don’t forget you will need bin bags, delivery and pickup, bin cleaning and enough bins! They do come in handy when it comes to tidying up- trust us! Did you know Pop Up Bar Hire can sort out your bins for you? Yep, just let us know when booking one of our fab bars and we can get that included! One less thing for you to worry about!

Step 4 – Think of other rubbish

It’s all and good having general waste bins dotted around, but what about cigarette butts?! Have some buckets around your site- you could personlise them in keeping to your events theme!

Step 5 – Recycle all you can

Recycling will reduce the amount of wheelie bins you need and will make you look like an enviromental star. You could even recycle the glasses and ensure everyone uses the same one all day- we don’t think this is unreasonable at all!