The essential guide to throwing the ultimate cocktail party

Cocktails! We all love at LEAST one of them, they are the perfect drinks to have at any party for this reason alone. But how does one throw the ultimate cocktail party and what do they need? Fear not, read on and find out how you can throw the cocktail party event of the year.

The liquor

Undeniably the most important member of the cocktail party, the liquor is the bread and butter. It should be spread out evenly across the bar so each member of staff can reach it. For a party of 40, you will need white rum, tequila, gin, bourbon, and around three bottles of vodka- unless you know for sure your guests can drink the standard party guests under the bar, then maybe you should get some more. If you want to try some even more flamboyant cocktails, get different flavoured vodkas!

The bar

Whats a cocktail party without a bar? Well, it’s like a mojito with no rum, pointless. You’ll need a good, secure setup that isn’t going to wobble or fall down. Somewhere that’s high enough so people can’t reach over and grab the bottles (Pop Up Bar Hire can provide a bar exactly like this!).

The mixers

Stock up with three to four bottles of juices (we recommend orange, cranberry, pineapple and tomato) and sodas (cola, lemonade, tonic water, ginger beer and soda water). If you’ve got these, you’ll be set for the day.

The tools

To put it bluntly, without tools, you won’t be able to make a cocktail. You will need a cocktail shaker (that’s a given), cocktail spoon, a jigger (that one is for measuring) and a muddler (the one for crushing bits and bobs).

The people

Staff who stand behind the bar can make all the difference. Depending on the vibe you wish to go with, staff can be full of serenity and poise for a wedding or cheeky and fun at a work event, whichever you choose, Pop Up Bar Hire always ensure they can make each cocktail to a high standard.

The garnishes

When it comes to cocktails, you really need everything to make it, especially the garnishes. You will need the family of three citrus fruits- lemons, limes and oranges, mint, bitter, sugar, and salt and pepper. They’re what makes the cocktails look fancy and give them that party-feel.


At Pop Up Bar Hire, we can provide ALL of these essentials, yes, from the bar to the box of mint. Even though we are based in Cardiff, we can get our mobile bar to any event, anywhere, anytime. Give us a bell here.

Photo credit: Pexels