15 thoughts you have when queuing for a drink

We’ve all been there, at an event and dying for a bev, having to stand in the what seems like never-ending sea of people six bodies deep all waiting to quench their thirsts. Here are 15 thoughts you will have definitely had while queuing in the warm, moist line.

  1. Why is it that everyone wants a drink when I do? They can’t all be after a drink…
  2. Urm, why is the floor sticky right under my feet, and purple?!
  3. Excuse me, pushing me forward is not, I repeat, not, going to get you a drink any quicker.
  4. I have every limb possible digging into me right now.
  5. Well look at that drinks list, what a choice! I won’t stress, I’ve got ages to decide.
  6. I wish I had some snacks right about now, Wotsits would go down a treat.
  7. I also wish I had a drink to sip on while I’m waiting.
  8. If anyone else walks past me holding their drink in the air and tips it on me again, I will go mad.
  9. I am going to make eye contact with that bartender who is going super fast.
  10. Dammit, he’s moved over to that section after 10 minutes of grafting, better change bartenders.
  11. It’s my turn, time to panic, what the hell do I even want?
  12. Ice? Diet or regular? Pint or half? Honey, just gimme a drink!
  13. I really need a straw and she’s already serving someone else, everyone will think I’m trying to order more drinks or steal from the bar.
  14. My friend has just offered to buy me another drink, best day ever!
  15. Oh wait, this means I’m gonna have to buy the next round, hot damn.

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